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  • February28th


    My goodness this necklace is STUNNING! The incredible emerald colored jewels make for an eye-catching statement! Pair it with a little black dress and some red lips to elevate your look from day to night in absolutely no time! LOVE IT!

  • February21st

    Athenia Hat 2 Athenia Hat

    It may be February, but winter is far from over, sadly. On the bright side, winter means adorable winter accessories! One of our favorite little models, miss Athenia sure knows a thing or two about how to work winter accessories, just look at her darling little pom pom hat!

  • February19th

    Happy Chinese New Year! This year is the year of the Goat! This year’s lucky colors are red, brown, and purple so keep that in mind when you get dressed this year! Lucky numbers are going to be 2 and 7 and lucky flowers are the carnation and the primrose. To all the babies born in this year, we can’t wait to meet you! To everyone, we wish you much good luck and good fortune!

  • February14th


    Beautiful handmade necklaces combines with amazing druzies?? It does not get any cuter than that! The different variety of colorful quartz necklaces are especially delightful when layered to make a kaleidoscopic statement. If layers and statesments aren’t your style a simple one-toned druzzy is the necklace for you! Come for yours today!!

  • February7th

    jewelry set wp

    Valentine’s day means Valentine’s day dates! Ladies, impress your date with these INCREDIBLE gold detailed accessories. He won’t be able to take his eyes off of your decadent beauty, SWOON! ¬†Fellas, don’t forget to treat the lady in you life with something sweet, sassy, and stylish. We here at BabyDolls Boutique would love to be able to help you find whatever gift you may have in mind.

  • February2nd

    I don’t know about you, but we’re really hoping for an early spring this year! Come on little groundhog please don’t tell us that there are still six more weeks of winter!! We want the sunshine!!

  • January29th


    Here’s a little throwback to our favorite little model, Zalia back in those diaper days! So ADORABLE! And let’s not forget that amazing bow in her hair! PERFECTION.

  • January24th


    These adorable little earrings are not just for little girls! Anyone can rock a sparkle studded penguin you just gotta work it!!

  • January19th

    On this very important day you hope that you remember the incredible words of Reverend King that we closely follow here at BabyDolls Boutique “We must accept finite disappointment, but never lose infinite hope.”

  • January17th


    This amazing fashion forward fox is not just sparkly and stylish (our fav combo), but it’s also handmade and unique! BEAUTIFUL! And as always a huge thank you to our feature model, miss Zalia!