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  • December29th

    What’s a better way to start off the new year than with a bang, right? Preferably a bang that involves lots of sparkles.  Our dazzling earrings consist of clusters of sparkly diamonds encrusted onto a circular plate and are perfect to go with that chic LBD for the first party or with your first great outfit of 2012. They come in a clear or a turquoise color and will add that much-needed “POP” to any ensemble. Start off your new year on the right foot (hopefully a foot wearing a cute shoe!!) with these sparkly stunners.

  • December28th

    Hello Dolls!!

    With the launch of the 2nd Edition CRAVE Chicago this month, we’d like for you to take a moment to think about what you really CRAVE… If you are someone who is constantly looking for things that inspire, you will be delighted to pick up this book!!


    We are so thankful to be one of the few business selected to share their story through CRAVE Chicago. This fabulous edition innovatively connects urban gals to the sassiest, gutsiest, most inspiring people they need to know in Chicago. We’d LOVE for you to have the chance to stay connected to everything there is to CRAVE about the Windy City through CRAVE Chicago.

  • December23rd

    Happy Holidays Dolls!

    As the joy of the holiday season fills the air, the BabyDolls Boutique Team would personally like to wish you a very warm, sparkly and safe holiday! This season we hope you have the pleasure of spending time with close friends and family while truly enjoying each others company.

    We are constantly reminding ourselves to be thankful for all the wonderful blessings in our life. Therefore, we would like to give you a BIG “Thank You” from the bottom of our hearts for all your support this wonderful and amazing year! We are thrilled to know that our gifts have been a part of so many special occasions in your lives.  It is with great satisfaction and pleasure that you help us do what we LOVE most- helping you find the perfect gifts.

    Thank you for your support, shopping local and spreading the holiday cheer this season!

    Xoxo,  BabyDolls Team

  • December21st

    We have always thought there was something magical about our jewelry. Who knew that some of it actually is thought to have metaphysical properties?! Our precious stone earrings embedded in hammered Gold come in oval or teardrop shapes in a beautiful array of colors thought to have various healing properties including ruby, tiger’s eye, sapphire, emerald, and black. For example, emerald is thought to promote clear thinking and to enhance memory, sapphire is thought to open the mind to beauty and love and to rid the mind of bad thoughts.  So if you ever need the perfect excuse to shop for jewelry, just say your insides need healing!

  • December8th

    Hello Dolls!

    We’re sure you have a multitude of oohhh and ahhh cutey names for your baby– peanut,  cupcake, darling,  sweetheart, love, my little angel… if the last one is one of them, we have the perfect onesie for you! The onesie comes in a pink, blue or white (as shown above) color and has a gorgeous pair of white wings sewn onto the back. This sure brings a whole new meaning to the phrase she or he is “a gift from the heavens”,  doesn’t it?  It’s also a sure show stealer in your baby’s photo shoot. SERIOUSLY what could be cuter than your sleeping little angel?

  • December5th

    What is the perfect edition to that festive holiday outfit, you ask?? These fabulous clips.  We’re having a hard time deciding our favorite: the snowman with the green scarf, the turkey with “googly” eyes, Rudolph the red nosed reindeer or the Christmas tree speckled with colorful ornaments! Tough pick, however we are sure you will find the perfect match with our incredible selection…or you can simply get one of each!

    Happy Holidays Dolls!!!

  • December1st

    Dolls, we have survived a long journey. We’ve dived into strange and mystical waters to pluck aquamarine beads out of mermaids’ hair,  trekked through volcanoes to find ancient molten rocks the perfect shade of mahogany, and flown to the sky to grab fistfuls of beautiful cyan sky. Well, something like that. Either way, the beautiful blues and oranges of our beaded bracelets with flat square stones in the middle look so beautiful they’re out of this world. The beads are made of agate, which was a stone thought to attract strength and protect people from bad dreams  in Babylonian times. People have been using agate for jewelry since Biblical times, so SOMETHING must be right about it! Its smooth texture and breathtaking colors are seven trillion percent sure to “wow” you.