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  • April30th

    These pavet earrings have authentic australian crystals  dangling from a cluster of zerchonian stones. These prism-like crystals shimmer and shine in the light and are pieces of sheer divinity. Whether it be for your dream wedding or a taking on the night out with your best girlfriends, we promise these earrings won’t disappoint.

  • April27th

    Have a really special story about your pregnancy or about your TWIN newborns and feel like shouting it to the world? Well we may have something just as good. Two people with the most special stories will receive FREE pink & blue are the new black TW-IN onesies. No, your eyes do not deceive you, that’s right– a free pair of our famed onesies! We are absolutely in love with TWINS and are ecstatic to read all your amazing stories, whether it be two boys, two girls or a boy and a girl!!  So, write, write, write and it may just be your four leaf clover lucky day!


  • April16th

    Go “BIG” or go home.  That’s what they say, isn’t it? Well how about starting with rhinestone encrusted watches in bold pink or blue colors? After all, bold is the new black, so buy one when the time is ripe! Or check out our rhinestone encrusted navy blue dangle earrings, sure to make any outfit P-O-P, or of course our pink rhinestone encrusted earrings that are in the shape of a candle flame. “POC” clothing and jewelry is taking the fashion world by a storm. So say goodbye to bland and say hello to bright and bold!

  • April16th

    If you have a newborn, your sister has a newborn, your best friend has a newborn, your cousin’s friend’s uncle has a newborn, your or your coworker’s brother’s friend  has a newborn–no matter the person– then, we are the PERFECT boutique for you! We are a haven of newborn items from knitted hats that fit in the palm of your hand to fun accessories like hair bows to picture-perfect onesies. All our newborn items are perfect for itsy-bitsy headshots or just for everyday wear! Check out our new newborn item postcard–we hope it blows you away as it much it did to us!

  • April8th


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  • April5th

    The Mercy Home for Boys and Girls is having its fifth annual spring gala!  The night will be filled with dining, dancing, and silent auctions all in the jaw-dropping setting of the Trump International Hotel & Tower. All proceeds from the event will support the Legacy of Learning campaign, which gives resources to the Mercy Home with the goal of educating children in need. Don’t miss out on the fun–buy your tickets before April 5th for a cheaper deal!


  • April2nd

    It’s spring and you’re feeling HAPPY– There’s nothing like warm weather full of strolls and picnics and ice cream cones after a long winter. You want jewelry to reflect your happy, lighthearted mood. So put away those dark and heavy necklaces and earrings and say HELLO to YELLOW!  Our superb yellow jeweled necklace is as bright as the sun and there’s no WAY you’ll wear it without getting a compliment. It comes with matching yellow dangles that are sure to brighten your day (no pun intended!!). Or why not greet the day with our yellow hair flower that can be clipped behind your ear for a fun, springy look?  So don’t wait another instant to jump on that “yellow” bandwagon!

  • April1st